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The Magic Teapot Stories

The stories in this collection are based on the idea from \"Emma Lea\'s Magic Teapot\" that the magic is not in the physical teapot, but in the what you can do with it.

Some of these stories are written by me about my character, Emma Lea. Other stories have been contributed to our monthly newsletter by other writers. Some of them are professional writers, some are adults with tea memories and others are by some of our young readers.

I want to encourage everyone to write for the joy of this expression of your creativity.
And I invite you to share your stories with all the Tea-Zine readers.

Babette Donaldson

Welcome To The Magic Teapot Stories

October 3, 2009
In the storybook, Emma Lea’s Magic Teapot, she dreams that the teapot her grandmother gave her is like Aladdin’s Magic Lamp. She makes three wishes. And, as they begin to come true, Emma Lea is more convinced that there is something very special about her polka-dot teapot.

Is it really magic?

Her grandfather suggests that there is a great deal of magic in the world – but it may not be found in objects.

What about the magic in our lives when we share special memories with our family and our friends?
Emma Lea's Magic Teapot - Coloring Page

Emma Lea's Magic Teapot - Coloring Page

We invite you to share your tea stories – to be sent out to all Emma Lea readers and to be posted here on this site.

How has sharing tea helped something special happen to you?